This has nothing to do with the food, but I spent ~30 minutes waiting on a pickup order and was staring at your fish tank the entire time. I maintain a couple of them at home and wanted to see if I might be able to talk to you about helping yours look better. Your fish stocking is not bad, but you're not going to want to keep that Blue Tang (Dory) in there long-term. The light you have for the tank is not bright enough and doesn't produce enough light to cover the tank to have corals in there. All of your corals either looked dead or were well on their way to death. You also have an aiptasia (parasite) problem that needs to be taken care of before it takes over. I'm not looking to get money out of you or anything, I'm just a fan of your restaurant and know how to maintain a good saltwater reef aquarium.
Hi, we sell live fresh lobsters from our facility here in Maine, also we sell premium seafood items, our products ship around the country every week, if your interested we could send you our product list, thank you Cap Morrill's premium seafood (800)633-0800
The sushi is AMAZING!!! The Tempura Roll is crunchy and the California Roll is refreshing.
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